How to measure your bra size

How to measure your bra size the easy way

How to measure your bust size

Image of how to measure your bust.

Step 1

Stand straight with no bra or thick layers on. Put the measuring tape around your entire bust, pulling it from the back to the front. You will be able to easily measure your bust with the tip and excess tape in front of you. 

Step 2

Measure the fullest part of your chest. This will vary by body, you're looking for the biggest measurement you could find in the chest area. Look at the inches on the measuring tape and pull the excess tape until there is no gap, be careful not to measure finger widths.

Pro tip: Your bust measurement should come out like something like this, 34, 37.5, 44. If your measurement is above 55 or below 28, try it again and make sure to look at the inches side of the measuring tape.


How to measure your band size

How to measure your band.

Step 1

Follow the exact same measuring method, but this time measure your ribcage. Put the tape directly below your breasts, against your skin - where you would typically wear an underwire bra. This should measure from back to front, pulling the tape forward once more to measure inches at your chest bone.

Pro tip: This may require some rearranging of the breasts, they should not be included in your band measurement. 


Step 2

Your band measurement is the number of inches around your ribcage. Find this without pinching your skin. You should land on a number like 28-50 inches.

How do I know if I'm doing it right?
Your bust number should be higher than your band number. Please note, because we serve fuller busts this is typically true for our customers, but now how we prescribe all bodies to be. 



Next: How to convert your bust size to your cup size

So how do you calculate your bra size based on these measurements? Review our chart below to convert your bust measurement (inches) to bra cup size. Two more small easy steps to get to your bra size! 


Here is an example of how to calculate your bra size, based on the measurements you took of your bust and band sizes (in inches).

Then, Convert to Cup Size

Convert your difference to a cup size and you will have your bra size.

And when you put it all together, you get your bra size. Keep in mind, the first number is the original measurement from your work. You don't need to translate the band size, it is as it is.


We hope this helped! If you're overwhelmed with the idea of this, send us a message and we can let you know your Wild Isles size without any measuring tapes!