Coverage: Mod-High

The bum coverage on this fit depends on your body type. This is a seamless fit, which means we do not use a sturdy elastic to hold the fabric underneath a booty. This fit sits on top of your cheeks, creating a smooth silhouette without any pinching or tightness. 

  • For women with flatter butts this fit is full coverage with a small peek of cheek at the bottom.
  • For women with fuller butts, you may have more cheek exposure depending on the shape of your booty.
    • If your booty is round (volume at the top and bottom is similar), this fit will be moderately cheeky.
    • For women with fuller cheeks on the bottom but a smaller waist, you will have more cheek exposure - since it is a seamless fit, some women with this shape have experienced the back to "ride up". 
  • If you prefer a cheeky look, it can be worn high to be ultra cheeky - our stretchy fabric allows you to make it work (Tim Gunn style) however you like!